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Section 2-Around the Net in Search: AdWords How-Tos

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Symbols In PPC Ads
Search Engine Watch
When it comes to pay-per-click advertising campaigns, keywords are an important tool, but symbols can also draw the eye to the ad. A few months ago, PPC Hero ran a blog post explaining how to put registered or trademarked company names in PPC ads to help increase click-through rates and set you apart from competitors in the SERPs.

The PPC Hero post got David Szetela thinking: Could other symbols in ads get advertisers noticed? Szetela tells us about a few experiments such as inserting bullet points, and greater and lesser signs. Google's policy does prohibit advertisers from including symbols in ad text, but these seem to work, he said.     - Read the whole story...

Emotional PPC, Organic Ads
Aside from working paid and organic search words into your ad copy, make sure to convey the benefits of your products and services. With each query, searchers look to solve a need. Finding a way to express those benefits by emphasizing emotional needs can work best, according to Kevin Lee.

Lee explains it's not always a good idea to lean toward pricing as an incentive to gain clicks, though it may seem like an obvious choice, especially for retailers. He details a list of other possible benefits such as free trials and shipping, you might want to consider emphasizing. - Read the whole story...

Could Search Monetize Twitter?
Providing food for thought, R. Falconer raises a hypothetical question: Would, or could, Twitter monetize the site through search? "Search alone won't bring in the money needed to prevent the fail whale from falling but having a popular search engine definitely opens the door to selling targeted advertising and makes the company infinitely more valuable in the eyes of the big players on the Web," Falconer writes.

If you haven't figured out why Twitter has become so popular, Falconer touches on the average person's addition to feeding and receiving real-time information in 140 character or less bites on up-to-the minute topics. And while that model has grown the business into a social powerhouse, the big question remains whether real-time search is a threat to the ad biz at Google, Yahoo and MSN. - Read the whole story...

Google Vs. Yahoo Analytics, Ecommerce Guide
David Needle tells us that Google isn't the only fish in the analytic sea and it might benefit marketers to check out free services from a player less well known for analytics: Yahoo. While he provides a list of features offered by Yahoo but not Google, Needle also notes a series of "drawbacks" for Yahoo analytics mentioned in a 470-page report released this week by CMS Watch.

CMS Watch evaluated 20 Web analytics platforms, including Coremetrics, Omniture, Visible Measures, and WebTrends, against 12 potential use cases. Quoting CMS Watch founder Tony Byrne, Needle writes that "smaller firms are attracted to the free services from Google and Yahoo, but they're not for everyone." - Read the whole story...

AdWords How-Tos
Google AdWords
Google has posted four new how-to video on using AdWords, on topics ranging from accessing features to creating ads across all groups. There are now six total. Two were posted four months ago. YouTube, of course, hosts them.

On the first video, Austin Rachlin provides instructions on how to get started. He suggests logging into your AdWords account. Go into the Campaign Management page and click on Campaign Summery to choose the campaign you want to create a display builder ad. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Friday, February 20, 2009


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