Thursday, February 12, 2009

Section 2 - Around the Net: How To Create Analytic Keyword Mashups

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For Valentine's Day, With Love
YouTube Blog
Google launched a Guru Challenge asking the community of bakers to show off their best cake creations for Valentine's Day. The entrants and the recipes blew Google's YouTube and Food Network judges away. - Read the whole story...

Tapping Social Media To Increase Rankings
Best Rank
If you are looking for way to increase search engine rankings through Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon and Delicious, this case study using Google Analytics might provide insight. Guillermo Bravo tells us that if you are successful in hitting the first page on Reddit, for example, the story gets pulled to sites like and

Using a sample article promoted by Best Rank, Bravo shows how social media marketing can help organic SEO efforts. He points out that Google appears to trust social media networks as a source for quality back links, even if most social sites indicate links as nofollow. So, he writes, residual back links created by other interested webmasters also help rankings. - Read the whole story...

6 SEO Weaknesses In Queen Elizabeth's New Web Site
Queen Elizabeth launched a new Web site today. Analyzing how it performs, Julian Sambles points out six SEO failings. The missteps range from numerous error pages, to misuse of keywords, even the most simplistic such as "Queen Elizabeth."

Reminding us that the majority of search traffic, about 80%, gets directed through Google, Sambles points out that about 22,060 pages of the 30,400 indexed are error pages. It is "disappointing that... Her Majesty, has allowed the creation of a Web site" that should have been designed to engage people, but has overlooked the basics of good SEO, Sambles writes. - Read the whole story...

Steps To Ranking In Google Maps
Search Engine Journal
Gerald Weber shows us how to rank localized keywords in Google maps. He points to potential customers instantly getting details about your company, because it makes content information easily accessible, as one of the benefits.

Weber steps through some process of getting your company posted on the site. He also provides insight into gaining better control of the terms you rank under. "I've had a 100% success rate for ranking for my keywords whenever Google's algorithm does choose to show the maps listing at the top," he writes, suggesting it's a fast and easy way to get top search placement for targeted keywords. - Read the whole story...

Ways To Get Noticed Online
SEO Book
In a world full of information overload and 140-character Twitter blasts, Peter Da Vanzo gives us some advice on building an online following and keeping it riveted. It's not easy, especially if it is a free product or service you plan to promote. Many times consumers associate "free" with less desirable.

So, Vanzo lays out a strategy to help you create a perception of value. He provides insights on branding the product, as well as how to prepare the product or service for launch through social networks like Facebook or YouTube. - Read the whole story...

How To Create Analytic Keyword Mashups
Quirky, but intelligent, Marty Weintraub steps through the process of applying analytic mashups for advanced keyword research, as well as spreadsheets to steer advanced techniques for API automation.

Beginning by defining keyword research, Weintraub provides examples of sorting and aggregating keyword predictions, organic analytics and pay-per-click datasets into one spreadsheet. He serves up a partial list of sorting features that you can apply to get more information from the data. For instance, the High Organic Traffic / Low Organic Conversion report can help you "identify where organic traffic intersects with low conversion." - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Thursday, February 12, 2009


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