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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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PPC Tips For Valentine's Day
Microsoft AdCenter
Need some dating advice? Well, more like how-tos on courting consumers online. As the most commercially romantic day of the year approaches, Philip Ryan has some keyword and bidding tips for those who manage sites related to speed dating, online dating or helping singles meet new people.

Many of the insights can be transferred to most Web sites; you also can apply Ryan's strategy to nearly any holiday by changing the words, seasonal references, and the dynamic text inserted in titles. Ryan creates two lists of dos: Ad Copy Best Practices, and Keyword and Bid Best Practices. - Read the whole story...

Segmentation Strategies To Improve Clicks And Downloads
If your company has gone through SEO budget cuts this year, it may require a little out-of-the-box thinking to optimize sites. Jason Burby suggests segmentation to improve site conversions. It may sound like a "big, slow, time-consuming project," but there are some basic ways to get started, he explains.

Target messages, anticipate needs, and avoid marketing to consumers with zero interest. Sounds easy, I know, but marketers can sometimes forget the basics when building a strategy. And know which messages to avoid for your audience, Burby writes, providing examples for SEOers in the financial market. - Read the whole story...

Know Prospects Before They Become Customers
SEO Book
For those of you mapping out a strategy to build a new Web site, first take a look at what your competitors have done to put your company in a stronger position to compete. Peter Da Vanzo serves up a checklist of questions you should answer before getting started, such as which problems your company would solve.

Aside from determining your direct audience and demographics, consider the offshoots, or subsections, too. Think about the language your potential customers would use and how you might relate to them, Da Vanzo writes. Similar to creating a character in a novel, build profiles and get to know the people who would frequent the site before they visit. - Read the whole story...

Google's Broad Match Keyword Glitch
Search Engine
George Michie notes that Rimm-Kaufman Group last week revealed a bug in Google's broad match algorithm that can greatly influence the performance of broad matched keywords, "forcing down bids to remain efficient, dropping traffic and sales, with damage to Google's revenue as well." Michie uses the opportunity to ask Google to fix the glitch and consider installing "a few more controls that we think will also allow smart advertisers to play the game more aggressively."

Michie asks Google to separate "broad" from "advanced" match choices, and provides a long list of details for his request. One more idea: "Imagine if advertisers were allowed to target based on the buying behavior of the user." - Read the whole story...

Green Link-Building Techniques
Search Engine People
Being green not only improves the environment, but helps you build links, gain exposure and build a positive reputation. Ann Smarty suggests adding your company to green directories and promoting eco-friendly news related to your business. She provides you with a list of sites to help get started.

One site, in particular, Green Company Directory, doesn't require "either reciprocal link or payment for the review," Smarty writes. "To qualify you must either be a supplier of green products/services, or have environmentally friendly company policies." - Read the whole story...

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