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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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Hiring Tips: PPC Vs. SEO Manager
New Edge Media
Kate Morris details the qualities to look for when hiring a PPC or SEO manager. She writes up sample job descriptions, and compares and contrasts the similarities for each, including personal and organizational skills.

For instance, similar skills include keyword research, copywriting, competitive research, and reporting. "The one major difference is that SEOs have to be self-starters," Morris writes. "SEOs have the task of navigating something that fewer people understand (or pretend to understand). SEOs have to work with IT people, web designers and executives that do not get anything, so they almost have to make their own to-do list." - Read the whole story...

Updated Linkscape Report
Linkscape report users now have an index feature that produces up-to-the-minute data, according to Rand Fishkin. Users can expect updates about every four to five weeks.

Upgrades to the Linkscape tool include a new basic reporting format, and data detail tab. Aside from touting the new features, Fishkin runs down some statistics from the crawl such as the number of URLs, domains, root domains, links, distributions of external links from the index, and more. "It's crazy to realize that if your page has 100 external links to it, you're in the top .1% of all pages on the Web," he writes. - Read the whole story...

Asking The Right SEM Questions
Search Engine Land
The process of hiring a SEM firm is more akin to hiring a law firm or an accounting firm than an ad or service agency, according to George Michie. Search marketing has become more about "algorithms and execution of well understood principles," and less about the basics, he writes.

Michie provides guidance on the types of questions you need to ask before signing the contract. For instance: How much money does your tenth largest client spend per month? While size isn't everything, this helps you get a sense of where your account will fit in among the firm's biggest clients. Remember the reference call, too. It's not about finding those two happy clients, but rather discovering if they're happy for the correct reasons, he writes. - Read the whole story...

Tips To Gain High-Quality Scores
Search Engine Watch
According to Ron Jones, getting a good quality score requires that you create relevance and continuity for the content throughout your site. He suggests beginning by building lots of ad groups with targeted keywords, about 15 to 20 per ad group.

Matching options, SEO and quality scoring, and testing landing pages are a few topics Jones addresses. "Most people use the default broad match option, and neglect to branch out to try the other matching options," he writes. "Try adding exact match and phrase match keywords to each ad group and choose which one has the best quality score and lower minimum CPC." - Read the whole story...

Search Ads Generate Cash for D.C. Rentals
A bunch of Web sites for temporary D.C. rentals during the inauguration are among those cashing in on Obama-mania with search ads, according to Fred Aun. One AdWords campaign has generated about $10,000 so far, Aun writes. Another, for National Event Rental, was begun directly after the election -- and was the only ad that showed up when you typed in the word "inauguration," according to the company's owner.

Aum explains that a Google spokeswoman said searches on the word "inauguration" increased 75% during the last week, and are up more than 75% from the inauguration in 2005. The hot keyword is being leveraged by all kinds of AdWords users, he writes. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Tuesday, January 20, 2009


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