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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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Off-The-Mark Mobile Targeting
Targeting the correct message to the perfect audience sounds good in theory, but when it comes to serving up ads on mobile phones, marketers still don't get it, according to Jason Burby. Mobile targeted him with an ad that read " Mobile -- Get 1-click access from your BlackBerry." Burby owns an Apple iPhone.

The ad hit the mark, but the message was off, Burby wrote, suggesting marketers need to take time to research the latest trends and technologies, as well as understand the bases for targeting a specific audience. While most people may have accessed through a BlackBerry in the past, many more Web-enabled phones have begun to hit the market, such as Apple's iPhone. - Read the whole story...

Pinning Down Clients By Type
Rebecca Kelley takes a humorous look at SEO and describes 10 types of clients you may come across. The handy list can help identify different personalities. "I've found that this list is extremely official and scientific, so you should be able to refer to it and instantly identify a potential client," she writes, tongue firmly in cheek. Complete with photos to illustrate her point, Kelley's list includes The Gabbo Client, The Lumbergh Client (named after the annoying boss in the classic movie "The Office"), The Flatterbut Client, The Jessie Spano Client and The BTJ Client ("Bigger Than Jesus... someone who is obsessed with getting a PR9 or PR10 site, no matter what you tell them or how hard you try to convince them that Page Rank isn't something they should obsess over"). Do you recognize any? - Read the whole story...

Mining Search Data For Gold
Find Resolution
Aaron Goldman mined Yahoo's Top 10 searches of 2008 and pulled out three specific insights that marketers can take action on.

Since, as indicated by all the well-known names in this list, Americans are "celeb-obsessed," you can "leverage non-commercial searches by connecting your brand/product/service to these types of queries (eg, buy celeb keywords or optimize content using celeb names), especially if they appeal to your target audience and/or you're using celeb endorsers offline."

Also, since "people spend up to 90 minutes more online during a recession as the Internet provides free entertainment... marketers should consider creating engaging experiences on their sites." - Read the whole story...

9 SEO Steps To Rank Higher
Keys to improving your site's search engine rankings are easy to come by, but may be difficult to execute. Rhonda Abrams provides nine steps to ranking higher on Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. One in particular suggests placing "very specific keywords" repeatedly throughout the site that narrowly defines the products and services or content offered.

Abrams notes that sites using keywords in page titles, headlines and bold text generally rank higher. Other advice: follow good SEO and SEM practices by not stuffing keywords or repeating a keyword without "content or context." That can get your site "blackballed" from search engines. - Read the whole story...

A Good Time To Become An SEO Expert
Marketing Pilgrim
The world may be facing an economic crisis, but the SEO industry is experiencing high demand for experts, according to Roderick Ioerger. He points to several examples from Kelena Jordan, who describes an interesting project she had to turn down because of her busy schedule.

Ioerger summarizes several posts from bloggers, including one by Andrew Shotland, who believes we could soon see bankers, real estate brokers and auto makers who got laid off in the past year becoming SEO experts. Don't be surprised if the loan officer at Bank of America or Well Fargo who turned you down offers to get you to page one on Google, he writes. - Read the whole story...

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