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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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Tips For SEOing Video
It's never been easy SEOing video sites. Although Google and Yahoo are working with Adobe to crawl Flash content like SWF files, limitations exist for publishing Flash content on sites and how engines crawl externally loaded files in Flash movies, such as xml, txt, and other SWF files.

Glenn Gabe provides pointers. He recommends using alternative html content when publishing Flash movies and covers in detail how to accomplish this using SWFObject 2.1, the latest version of the JavaScript library. This is Part I or a two-part series. You can access the other part through this post. In Part II, Gabe steps through setting up SWFObject 2.1 using static publishing to provide alternative html content for Flash video projects. - Read the whole story...

SEO Still Hot
If you are wondering why companies are investing in SEO during the worst economic downturn in years -- read Rand Fishkin's post. For starters, Fishkin believes the Web outperforms other sales, paid search drives interest in SEO, and marketing departments are in a brainstorming cycle. And, when companies check their Web analytics, "not surprisingly, search engine referrals with their exceptional targeting and intent-matching are ranking high on the list."

More evidence that SEO is holding steady: Fishkin fielded seven calls from venture capital firms about investments in SEO companies they are contemplating, including wondering if SEOmoz would consider taking more capital to grow. - Read the whole story...

Marketers Overlook Opportunities In Video Game Ads
Matt Story think brands are not taking advantage of opportunities in video game advertising. He arrived at this epiphany after spending Thanksgiving Day not becoming a couch potato, but rather "a couch marketer." He spent the entire day checking out "console user interfaces, magazines, Web sites, and dynamic in-game advertising in between endless rounds of leftover green beans and mac and cheese."

Story believes increased pressure on small budgets to deliver better results shouldn't stop marketers from reaching out to consumers through video game ads. He reminds us to align brands with valuable content, be careful when using gamer language, don't forget that humor always works, and capitalize on contextually relevant ads. - Read the whole story...

Buying Links For A Price
Practical Ecommerce
Gaining inbound links is important to ecommerce Web sites, but purchasing them can be a risky move, according to Jeff Muendel, who offers the pros and cons of a service called InLinks.com. The service matches advertisers with bloggers who get paid to have links added to their blog content. "InLinks goes out and looks for requested textual terms and phrases already existing in the content of member blog sites, and then offers to turn those terms into anchor text with an active link for a fee," he writes.

After all, "links are like votes" for Web sites in the eyes of search engines, and their number and quality determine, in part, the outcome of search engine results. Muendel cautions anyone willing to try this service because Google frowns on link buying and the "sudden addition of outbound links in the text of an existing blog could be easily identified by search engines." - Read the whole story...

Irish Newspaper SEOs Site
Independent.ie, which publishes more than 300 articles daily online, has embraced SEO, greater use of RSS news feeds and made an investment in semantic Web technology. "Attention to SEO in 2008 meant that Independent.ie grew traffic considerably, and is consistently ranked at the top of search engine results pages," writes John Kennedy.

SEO has helped to offer readers better contextual ads and content such as news articles, blogs and videos. The online newspaper has experienced a boost from SEO because it helps to "unlock more relevant information" by returning searched content to the top of queries, rather than burying them in searches. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Tuesday, December 2, 2008


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