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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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Secrets To Picking Perfect SEO Keywords
Search Engine Watch
Mark Jackson offers insight into the keyword selection process, provides ways to find helpful tools, and information on differentiating between keywords with high search count vs. those you might see increased traffic.

Jackson suggests you run a paid search campaign for the keywords you are interesting in targeting. To help you get started, he provides information on determining the popularity of those keywords, as well as insights on paid search campaigns. - Read the whole story...

Don't Forget To Give Thanks, SEOers
In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday this weekend in the United States, Erik Daffron give thanks to a collection of tools concepts, and collaborations that made his job easier this year.

Here's a sample: "I'm thankful that in early 2008, Microsoft, Yahoo and Google joined up to expand their robots exclusion protocol to honor a series of new characters and directives that the traditional robots.txt protocol doesn't address." And, "I'm thankful that LinkedIn corporate profiles exist, of course, but more specifically, I'm excited that LinkedIn has opened them up to be crawled." - Read the whole story...

A Few Must-Have Live Search Features
Search Engine Journal
Shopping for a few Live Search features on Black Friday? Arnold Zafra tells us about new tools for Microsoft's Webmaster Center and describes their use. He is most impressed with the malware detection procedure, calling it the most important feature in the bunch because it detects whether your Web pages, or those the site links with, are malware infected.

While the malware tool flags infected links and sends alerts in the next search result, the other two new features are "simplified authentication and outbound links filtering tool." The tools work together to give SEO experts and Web site visitors more enjoyable experiences. - Read the whole story...

What It Takes To Rock SEM/SEO Campaigns
Search Engine Guide
Never make permanent decisions based on temporary positions. Don't let emotions blind you to reason. Surround yourself with sharp people and draw on their gifts without being intimidated. Take time to consider all options. And, yes, choose your battles wisely. These are the first five of 10 "decision-making guidelines" that Stoney deGeyter believes will "rock" your SEM/SEO campaigns.

DeGeyter takes a set of guidelines about making the best choices in daily experiences and applies them to SEO and business decisions. "Any one of these decisions can breathe life into a dying SEO campaign, push a successful campaign to greater success, or cause a site to crash and burn in the search results," he writes. - Read the whole story...

SEO Opportunities In Social Media
Know your audience. Keep this in mind when deciding on the social network or the media site to post content. These sites can help boost link popularity or drive traffic, but with so many social networks you could muddle the message. If your target audience is primarily female, Jenny Popov suggests sites like work well.

While most social media sites let you create a custom profile or blog, Team Sugar also serves up a variety of info about celebrities, fashion, beauty, home decorating, food, fitness, pets, and technology. The extra content offers benefits to increase SEO optimization. Popov also provides a few examples of other site that have become popular among females ages 18-49. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Friday, November 28, 2008


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