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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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SEO Hand Wringing
It appears Google's SearchWiki has caught the attention of SEO experts and media. Rand Fishkin has been fielding a round of questions, read a bunch of blog posts, and seen a whole lot of hand-wringing. Not to worry. It's called "change," he writes. Just as it happened with personalization, local results and geo-targeting, Google Knol, and Universal Search, it will happen again.

Attempting to calm a few frazzled nerves, Fishkin writes: "The biggest true changes I've seen to SEO have come from directional shifts at Google that typically received far less publicity and media attention." For example, when Google rolled out the Florida update in Winter 2003, many low quality sites lost rankings, according to Fishkin. So, relax. Enjoy the holidays. Then get back to work. - Read the whole story...

Practices Makes Perfect Display Ads
Google AdWords
Customize your display ads to make them stand out, consider separating each into its own ad group, and double-check your ads to ensure they meet Google's suggested criteria.

Emel Mutlu recommends using "unique keywords for your display ads, without impacting the performance of your text-only ad groups, especially those running on search as well as the Google content network." These guidelines from Mutlu provide some "best practices" for using display ad builder that should help get campaigns off to a running start. - Read the whole story...

Advancing SEO Segmentation
Richard Fergie tells us how to use Google's advanced segmentation feature to get useful data for setting advanced ad scheduling options. Google Analytics can tell you how conversion rates vary by hour of the day or by day of the week, but it doesn't give you both pieces of information at the same time.

Advanced segmentation features in Google AdWords lets you increase or decrease bids based on the time and day of the week. Fergie believes this tool is useful because traffic on certain days at specific times is more likely to convert to sales. - Read the whole story...

Sticky Wicky Biddings
Marketers are divided on the issue of trademark bidding as a search strategy in which one company bids on its competitor's name or trademarked term in PPC campaigns, according to Brian Combs. Search engines Google, MSN and Yahoo don't look favorably on the practice, either, but it's being done more often these days.

If you own a trademark and competitors are bidding on it, Combs reminds us, the increased competition for the trademarked keywords means pricier bids. So, if you are concerned about competitors using your branded terms, defend your trademark by conducting search audits at least once every month and closely monitoring paid search results or PPC contextual ads. - Read the whole story...

9 SEO Bookmarklets To Grab
Search Engine Journal
Ann Smarty suggests nine SEO bookmarklets that are a "good alternative to FireFox extension," are easy to install, backup and organize, and don't require constant updates.

For example, Google Cache bookmarklet allows for quick access to the cached version of the current page. Or, X-Brower SEO bookmarket gives you quick access to the page and domain to collect important SEO statistics directly from Google search results. Smarty tells us these bookmarklets offer many benefits besides enhancing Google search. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Wednesday, November 26, 2008


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