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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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Law Firms Jump Into Hot SEO Water
A blogger named Oilman posted an article accusing of violating Google's Webmaster guidelines. The post revealed's SEM Advantage program, which was essentially an agreement to sell links for the sole purpose of improving search results. Google didn't like it, according to Oilman, stating that the practice is a violation of Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

Scenarios similar to this one are getting law firms in hot water with search engines, as many look toward the Web and SEO strategies to compete for clients, according to Conrad Saam. "Some involve trying to trick the search engine," Saam adds. Using stats from consumer research firm Ipsos, Saam cites a 2007 survey that reveals only 25% of consumers turn to the Yellow Pages when looking for an attorney, while 33% utilize the Internet. - Read the whole story...

Eric Peterson Talks Up Analytics
Search Engine Land
Scroll down to the middle of this post to find the Q&A with analytics guru Eric Peterson. Josh Dreller encapsulates the week's news from search engines Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, but also shares excerpts from his interview with Peterson. The topic includes mastering pre-click and post-click conversion attributes. Microsoft calls it "engagement mapping." That's where analytics determines the weight of each click that consumers take to reach the desired end result, whether it's making a purchase, signing up for an email newsletter, or downloading a white paper.

Peterson talks about analytic tools that a search marketer might find helpful, ways Web analytics can assist with keyword creation and optimization, and insights on analyzing paid and organic search. He also shares thoughts about search traffic -- not what it means to convert consumers, but actually engage them. - Read the whole story...

What If Yahoo Abandons Search?
Marketing Pilgrim
Jordan McCollum asks: "What if" Yahoo abandons search? She taps into blogs written by ClickZ's Zachary Rodgers and Forrester Research's David Carr, fueling it with a post on ValleyWag from a tipster who tells Owen Thomas about Yahoo's vice president of search, Sean Suchter, joining Microsoft before it happened.

Indeed, the Redmond, Wash., company did confirm late last week that Suchter made the switch from Yahoo to join Microsoft as the GM of the Silicon Valley Search Technology Center, working on Live Search. No need to buy Yahoo now. The poaching came as Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told shareholders it has no interest in buying all of Yahoo, though it remains open to a search partnership. So, what if Yahoo did abandon search? - Read the whole story...

SEO Simplifies Web Site Performance
Combine quality content, link popularity and link reputation to improve Web site performance and search engine rankings, according to Jon Rognerud. He defines all three terms and suggests if one leg in the "three-legged SEO stool" is not 100% functional, the entire operation could collapse.

Rognerud believes that new visitors to your Web site should understand within three to five seconds what they should do and how to find content. Following these tips will go a long way toward solving many of your SEO problems, but make sure to stay informed about changes at search engines. Adding a bit of complexity, for example, Google tests its systems and applications continually. The search engine not only considers content and links, but adds intent, behavioral and personalized search to the mix. - Read the whole story...

Debunking 5 SEO Myths
Optimization is underhanded; SEO is influenced by PPC; sites must be submitted to engines -- Kevin Gibbons debunks each of these and two other SEO myths.

Gibbons, though clearly annoyed, takes a lighthearted approach. On the optimization is underhanded myth, he writes: "It is very frustrating-like meeting a runner who thinks that exercising, eating well and training is somehow an underhand way of winning a race," he writes. Hopefully, he adds, this list will provide fodder for SEO experts confronted by clients who still believe such myths. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Monday, November 24, 2008


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