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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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5 SEO Questions You Should Ask Yourself
Search Engine Guide
Ask yourself the tough questions. Observe, think and plan SEO strategies before taking action. Sound advice from Stoney deGeyter, who believes SEO campaigns don't succeed solely by focusing on keywords, great copy and Web site architecture, but rather by what you do internally to build and support the platform.

Whether you're performing SEO for your own site, hiring a consultant or firm to provide SEO services, or you are the SEO provider serving various clients, you have knowledge and communications skills that factor into building a successful optimization campaign, deGeyter writes. - Read the whole story...

Searching For The Golden Terms
Search has historically been an afterthought, not typically integrated into Web site analytics, content development and Web site design, according to Augustine Fou. In this post, he suggests reasons for integrating a search strategy more strategically into a larger campaign. For starters, you might just find a goldmine in search terms if you know how to mine them.

More then 80% of consumers begin their online journey with search, accounting for 8 billion searches per month, a Forrester Research metric Fou cites. Search queries in phrases, rather than single words, can tell you questions customers have that may pose hurdles to making purchases. Fou suggests that search analysis also can identify redundant and competitive bidding on the same keyword, which drives up the cost. - Read the whole story...

9 Must-Have WordPress Plug-Ins
Search Engine Journal
Jonathan Dingman expresses his enthusiasm for plug-ins and provides us with nine he has come to love. The apps include plug-ins that give site owners the option to integrate videos in their post, as well as give site visitors the ability to subscribe to comments, a must for any WordPress site.

The SEO Slugs plug-in lets you focus on writing, rather than fretting about ensuring every aspect of your post is SEO -friendly. It strips words like "a," "you," "what" or "can" from the permalinks of your post, since those keywords are ignored by search engines, Dingman writes. You will need to read his post to get the entire list, which includes Dingman's favorite, which is geared toward Apple's iPhone. - Read the whole story...

Putting $ On Google-Driven Traffic
Marshall Kirkpatrick asks how much traffic could a link to your Web site drive if highlighted just below the search box on According to one estimate from traffic analysts, the link on Google for the G1 Android phone by T-Mobile delivered an estimated 800,000 unique visitors who clicked that link in the seven days it was on the site.

Kirkpatrick provides a link to the post by Complete and some analyses on the numbers, injecting a bit of surprise at the stats. According to Complete, the link only delivered 40% of the traffic that the G1 landing page saw during that period. However, Google's share of the overall site traffic increased steadily from 34% on the first day, to 43% on the day before the campaign ended. - Read the whole story...

Google Shuts Lively
Google Blog
Google Labs launched the virtual world Lively, complete with build your own avatar features, in July, but on Wednesday posted a note to the official Google blog indicating it would take down the site at the end of December.

In the post, the Lively team wrote described Lively as a site meant to give people the ability to interact with friends and express themselves online in new ways, but acknowledges "when you take these kinds of risks not every bet is going to pay off." Google urges users to capture their hard work by taking videos and screenshots of rooms. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Thursday, November 20, 2008


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