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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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What Pops For Site Visitors?
Search Engine Journal
It's important to know if visitors can easily navigate your site and understand the content that draws in more eyeballs. Can visitors quickly find the information they need? Ann Smarty found information on two useful tools she shares in this post. The Five Second Test lets you run a quick "free page usability poll." It collects messages and organizes data to define the easy-to-remember text and graphics on a Web page.

Feng-Gui, the second tool Smarty discusses, show you the heat map of any image you submit. Without being able to vouch for its accuracy, she explains the algorithm is based on color, orientation, density and contract, intensity, size, closure and curve. - Read the whole story...

Setting The Natural SEO Record Straight
Have misconceptions about natural SEO strategies, link-building tactics, or content optimization got you down? P.J. Fusco agrees you can produce nearly immediate traffic bursts with a little strategic link bait or a well-structured social media campaign, but it's not organic SEO at its best. These quick-hit results can disappear over time.

Take the long-term approach and consider implementing a goal-oriented content optimization strategy. "Content optimization [is] a time-honored strategy for attaining and maintaining top performance in the search engines," Fusco writes. "It tends to keep giving and giving over time, as long as you mind the metrics and respond to new challenges accordingly." - Read the whole story...

Cube It Tool
Audette Media
John Audette has developed a tool marketers can use to determine the tactics that best fits campaigns. This tool helps to establish strategy and budget for Internet marketing campaigns by measuring the return on investments (ROI) and weighting the time it takes to see and retain results.

In building the AudetteMedia Cube, Audette used a scale of 1 to 100, rating SEO, content, blogging, online PR, PPC and more on three criteria. "Once priorities are set, it is possible to make an initial budget allocation of resources to the tactics that are most likely to produce desired results," he writes. "This will inevitably shift over time as results are monitored and measured, but it provides an informed way to begin the implementation process." - Read the whole story...

SEOers Compensating For Bad Business Models
Search Engine People
Jeff Quipp suggests sound business models and SEO results are closely related. In the post, he defines good/bad business models, looks at why companies with faulty models are doomed and tries to sift through possible issues to arrive at a probable conclusion.

Companies with sound business model ultimately rank higher in listing, Quipp writes. He suggests SEOers need to determine the signals behind the company's faulty business model and make a decision on whether you will help them make the changes to improve operations, decide whether or not to accept or retain these type of clients, and decide whether you can provide a company like this the type of support that requires change. - Read the whole story...

What Next, Yahoo?
Bruce Clay
Like most people, Bruce Clay is inclined to think Jerry Yang's decision to step down as CEO was in the company's best interest, calling Yahoo a company that has struggled to find market share under the shadow of a behemoth (Google). Clay points out that when Yang first stepped up to the position of CEO, there already was muttering the role might be temporary.

While speculation swirls around who will become Yang's successor, the questions remain: "Is Yahoo looking for someone whose specialty lies in technology or in media? Or even entertainment -- although, the last time they tried that, things weren't any better for Yahoo than they are today," Clay writes. - Read the whole story...

Jerry Yang's Memo
All Things Digital
A special bonus in today's edition includes a link to Jerry Yang's memo to employees on stepping down as CEO, compliments of Kara Swisher. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Wednesday, November 19, 2008


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