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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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Prediction: Personalized Search Headed For Q1 Of '09
Measuring SEO success based on ranking is dead. The measures will rely on analytics, measuring traffic and bounce rates, among other metrics, according to Bruce Clay in a video interview at PubCon 2008 with Mike McDonald. Behavior-based search will move toward personalization early in 2009. Search queries will be based on prior search history. This means two people searching in the same search engine on the same word will not return the same results.

That's one prediction from SEO guru Clay. He also tells McDonald that personalization will cut across Web sites and search engines from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and others. "They're going to follow you around with third-party, Flash cookies," he said. "They're going to know where you've been, and based on your search history, they're going to bias your future results." - Read the whole story...

SEO For Measuring Attribution For Online/Offline/Online Sales
Find Resolution
How do you measure attribution when consumers research potential purchases offline as well as online, before buying online, especially for big-ticket items? Consumers want the extra savings found at online stores, but still want to touch and feel products before making the purchase. David Levy provides an example of his recent Tempur-Pedic bed purchase to discuss the issue.

What does this mean for SEOers? Levy suggests "it comes down to attribution." He explains that measuring online research to offline purchasing is difficult, "and data at this point is directional at best," but maybe this type of buying strategy is what "marketers, agencies, media vendors, and technology providers need in order to come together and start to solve this attribution issue." - Read the whole story...

Facebook Gets SEO Facelift
Inside Facebook
Google's Facebook launched a new feature that adds "hundreds of million of internal links" to brand pages in users' public search listings, which are Facebook's way of exposing user information to the Google search engine, according to Justin Smith.

The brand pages, in which users are noted as fans, should add thousands of links, Smith suggests. "For marketers, this step by Facebook increases the weight Google will give to brand Pages," he writes. "Brand and marketing managers should not be surprised to see their Facebook Pages rising in Google search results in the months ahead." - Read the whole story...

SEO Is Dead; Death To Google
PC Magazine
John C. Dvorak doesn't believe SEO works and provides a list of reasons why. His biggest gripe, based on how Google handles SEO, makes him think achieving the correct results would take a miracle.

In the post Dvorak presents problems and proposes solutions. Some of the topics he discusses range from page rankings and search results to user flagging. He suggests flagging parked sites the way you flag spam on a message board or an incorrect categorized post on craigslist. "The risk here is that creeps trying to shut down a specific site could swamp Google with false flags, so maintaining integrity would be difficult," he writes. "People with their own agendas have already infiltrated and controlled aspects of craigslist and Wikipedia, unfortunately." - Read the whole story...

Link Buying Without Buying Links
Rand Fishkin gives us eight ways to buy links without buying links. The post, sourced from his presentation at Pubcon, walks you through examples of valuable methods to leverage finances for link growth while dodging Google's webspam edicts. (The slides are available for download, too.)

The examples Fishkin provides come from event sponsorships, charitable donations, Web site purchases, content acquisitions, advertising to viral traffic, bloggers product reviews, content partnership and blog incubation. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Tuesday, November 18, 2008


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