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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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SEM Agency ICrossing Sued For Alleged Poaching
WebGuild, a unit of Omnicom Group, filed a lawsuit in the Dallas, Texas, state court against rival digital-ad firm and SEM agency iCrossing, alleging it poached several of its top executives and clients. Also at stake, according to the suit: proprietary information and trade secrets.

The focus of the lawsuit shines the spotlight on Donald Scales, iCrossing's CEO, who held the same position at until parting ways with the company in 2006. The news, originally reported by The Wall Street Journal, is encapsulated in Daya Baran's blog post. - Read the whole story...

How To Create SEM Keyword Demand
Don't rely on existing target keyword demand. Create your own. Sound advice from Erik Daffron, who believes building the hill, rather than climbing it, returns better results (his analogy, not mine). If you're a brand, become the "helpful" reliable and authoritative voice of online communities and forums. Consumers will reference your products because you have the knowledge to answer specific technical questions.

Daffron also suggests tying your SEM efforts to television and outdoor advertising. He provides an example of a successful campaign, but concludes before "you spawn massive amounts of search demand for new query phrases," prepare for the increased traffic. Make sure the message is consistent, because when consumers start looking for your products, it's best not to confuse them with multiple meanings and ideas. Consistency will keep them coming back. - Read the whole story...

Broad Match Casts Wider Net
Google AdWords
Google's Broad Match can help put unexpected, yet relevant AdWord queries to work for you. "When you include a keyword as a broad match, your corresponding ad is not only eligible to appear alongside queries with that exact spelling," but can also capture "keyword expansions that include synonyms, singular/plural forms, relevant variants of your keywords, and phrases containing your keywords," writes Amanda Kelly.

The search query report has been improved recently to provide more details on the queries that trigger ads for your broad match keywords. Kelly explains this means better results, with less traffic possibly reported under the "other unique queries" heading. - Read the whole story...

Identify And Fix 6 SEM Strategies You Might Be Doing Wrong
Search Engine Watch
If you duplicate content, work without keyword research, land traffic on the wrong page, ignore link-building, obsess over rankings, or have a set-it-and-forget-it mentality, this post is for you. Carrie Hill takes you through these six mistakes and tells you how to fix them.

Take duplicate content, for example. Hill describes a few types, but calls attention to duplicate page titles and meta descriptions, which she describes as the most common. If you built your site in WordPress, "you could be innocently serving archive and category pages that duplicate content on individual post pages of your site," she writes. "WordPress is a great platform, but a bit dangerous if not set up correctly." - Read the whole story...

Check For SEO Malware Links
Search Engine Journal
Look to see if a site serves up malware before building SEO links to it, suggests Loren Baker. Get into the habit of monitoring the inbound links to "your potential linking partner's site, and see what kind of sites those links are coming from and whether or not they belong to obvious link swapping or reciprocal linking schemes."

Baker's post provides a video on how to check if a site distributes malware. Noting that Google flags webmasters about sites, he provides a link to Google's Safe Browsing Diagnostic Checker. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Wednesday, November 12, 2008


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