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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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Circuit City Bankruptcy Reinforces SEM Opportunities
Bankruptcy is no excuse for missing out on an SEM opportunity to gain customers, according to Noah Mallin. "A paid search ad directing users to Circuit City bankruptcy bargains would scoop up a good segment of those searchers and deliver them (and their much-needed cash) to Circuit City," he writes.

Mallin notes the search term "circuit city bankruptcy" ranked in the top 10 on Google. While some searchers were no doubt looking for news stories about the bankruptcy filing, or concerned about their jobs, others probably thought what a great time it would be to pick up that Sony digital camera or Samsung flat-screen TV at bargain prices. Mallin said a "good marketing campaign would have been ready to go within minutes to capture the inevitable interest." - Read the whole story...

Google Ad Planner Intros New Features
Google AdWords
Google announced a few upgrades Tuesday to improve media planning processes. Aside from making Ad Planner accessible to anyone with a Google account, AdWords now lets you define your audience by keywords and geography. Amanda Kelly provides an example. "You can find video game enthusiasts based on their likeliness to search for keywords such as 'video games' or 'video game codes,"' she writes. "You can also drill-down to specific states or metros (region or cities in geographies outside the U.S.)."

The new features also let you manage site results and analyze media plans. The interactive bubble charts let you compare sites in your media plan by demographics, frequency, traffic and unique visitors. The demographic audience data now includes France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, too. - Read the whole story...

Top Talent Can Help Discover ROI In SEO Investments
Search Engine Land
More businesses realize the importance of organic search rankings on branding and sales for their business, according to Eric Enge. It's creating demand for SEO talent to help improve positions in Web search queries. So shouldn't they get paid their worth? "A talented and hard working SEO can bring good gains to a business," he writes.

If a Web site generates $500,000 in sales before the SEOer gets involved, and their efforts result in increases close to $1 million, then there is plenty of room to pay the SEO something for their work. Enge serves up several examples to demonstrate how investments can pay off with "focus, focus, focus," and when to tighten the reins on goals and measures. - Read the whole story...

Finding AdWord Search Queries
Finding the actual search terms your PPC traffic comes from isn't always simple, but Richard Fergie gives you a few tips and tricks that Google Analytics users should know. It requires using filters that he didn't know existed until last week.

Providing examples, Fergie emphasizes the importance of knowing the broad keyword queries that Google matches "either to negative match them or to reduce CPCs by using an exact match." He steps you through several clear and concise processes that should help find and apply the information. (Unfortunately, you cannot retrofit old data.) Be patient, Fergie writes, it may take time before Google Analytics registers the new data. - Read the whole story...

SEM Keywords That Make Display Ads Relevant
People And Prophesize
Jonathan Mendez demonstrated a giant leap forward in relevance for display ads during a recent campaign for a client that uses RAMP, or Relevance Amplifiers. It involves providing "keyword lists to no less than 4 different display networks focused on understanding intent, affinity and sentiment (Facebook was not one of them)." The ad platform uses keywords "dynamically" to target and deliver content.

"One of the most exciting things about the move to a Search OS in Display is the use of keywords for ad and content targeting," Mendez writes. The use of REST and Semantic APIs, along with data from publishers has been fueling the progress. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Tuesday, November 11, 2008


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