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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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Can You Translate That SEO Jargon, Please?
Search engine optimization specialists, or SEOers, have a language all their own. They speak in industry-specific abbreviations and acronyms, expecting you to understand what they say on the first go-around. We all know that's typically not the case. So, Julie Batten compiled a list of the most frequently uttered search-industry terms, jargon, abbreviations and definitions to help you communicate better with the SEO specialists working to optimize your Web site.

Some of the words Batten explains include conversion, CPC, CTR, organic ranking, quality score and SERP. She also points you toward glossaries of terms used in both search and Internet marketing. - Read the whole story...

SEO Dead Within Three Years?
Learn to Duck
SEO, the act of adjusting Web site code and content with the primary purpose of getting ranked high in search results, is on its way out. So says Micah Baldwin, vice president of business development at Lijit Networks, Inc., after moderating a panel on SEO and social media marketing at the Thin Air Summit in Denver, Colo. "If you do SEO for a living, you will be out of business or irrelevant in 3 years," he writes.

Baldwin suggests companies need to drop their SEO agencies and take steps to write focused content and clean code, distributing the content among development, marketing, sales teams within the organization. "Make SEO organic, integral and integrated into your organization. Don't 'do' SEO." Make it part of your every day marketing efforts, rather than a separate function, he says. - Read the whole story...

Advanced Keyword Techniques For Higher PPC Returns
Click Consult
Two keyword match techniques may benefit your overall return on PPC investment, generating more traffic and improving targeted results for visitors, according to Matt. These techniques can work alongside traditional strategies to display exact matches in ads on your site when someone searches for precise words.

Matt suggests adding a list of negative keywords to prevent an advertisement from being displayed for ambiguous search terms or when specific words are added to key phrases. Using broad matches is another technique that not only returns your ads on exact keyword matches, but for match results that display ads when topically related keywords and strings of keywords are entered. - Read the whole story...

Searching For That Perfect Link Builder
Link Building Best Practices
Are you looking for a great link builder? Great content, site optimization and quality links can deliver high search results, but the person charged with optimizing the site isn't always the best one to build the links. You need a professional who knows the ins and outs of link building. This person tends to be more sales and marketing focused than the typical search engine optimizers, who tend to be more analytical and creative.

Most people who build an effective Web site for their business understand Web development, but their grasp of SEO is typically hazy, according to the post, which points out the best links are typically found, rather than bought. - Read the whole story...

Analyzing The Values Of Keywords
SEO Consultant Ireland
What keywords do people query in Google, MSN and Yahoo search engines to find content on your site? These are the words you want to use. It's all about "keyword analysis," the process of finding the keywords that best help searchers find your site. There are several tools that can help you achieve the best results.

Keyword values are defined by the number of Web sites competing for them and the volume of the searches performed. The more searches made each day, the more traffic the keyword brings to the top ranked sites. Prior blogs linked to the Matt's post provide additional information on keywords research, PPC analytics, and turning negative keywords into positive results. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Monday, November 10, 2008


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