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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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SEM Targeting Democrats Vs. Republicans
Search Engine Watch
It appears the Internet caters to more liberal than conservative thinkers. So says analysis from Sage Lewis, citing stats from Rubicon Consulting and his own research. "If you have a product or service that caters to issues that Democrats care about, you'll probably have an easier time gathering interest and links than a business that serves a Republican audience," he writes.

Lewis also suggests that webmasters look to Obama's online campaign for inspiration. With Chris Hughes, the co-founder of Facebook, acting as coordinator of online organizing, Web sites were built to foster interaction and community. "The next time you redesign your Web site, ask your designer at one of the first meetings about a strategy for attracting people to link to your site," he writes. "You'll have a significantly easier time building links this way rather than asking how you'll get links to your site after it's completed." - Read the whole story...

Michelle Obama Ups Fashionable Search Terms
Optimize and Prophesize
Jonathan Mendez highlights a paid search campaign J. Crew is running inviting searchers to "Get the Look Michelle Obama Wore on The Tonight Show Only from J.Crew."

Although it is one of the "smarter campaigns I've seen lately," Mendez believes "it could be improved by adding a button with the call to action, or at least an underlined text link."

What did J. Crew do right? "A great job with the title and descriptions," he writes. "The landing page is also very good. It is simple, clean and clearly/immediately reveals the outfit and the pricing." - Read the whole story...

Drafting An SEO Proposal To Land The Job
SEO Today
Budgets are tight, but you have been saddled with the task of optimizing a company's Web site. You might be thinking: Where do I begin and how to propose the service? Eric Landers has the answers, stepping you through the process of educating the boss or potential customer, drafting the proposal, and estimating the project or contract.

The proposal document should outline your entire approach to an SEO project. Landers suggests including project objectives, goals, strategies, target audience, keyword and competitor research, list of additional research requirements, assignments of responsibilities, and an overview of the project. - Read the whole story...

10 SEO Dos And Don'ts
Freelance Folder
Understanding these 10 SEO techniques could help you increase your chances of returning higher on the page in search engine queries. They include title tag, meta tag, heading tags, alt tags on images, title tags on links, XML sitemap, relevant content, link building, social media, and a few don'ts.

Selene M. Bowlby suggests against using too much Flash in your Web site because many search engines cannot read the content. Although there has been talk of advancements in this area, Bowlby doesn't believe enough has been done to improve the process of crawlers finding content in Flash-built sites. "Equally as 'pointless' are splash pages," Bowlby writes. "While splash pages used to serve as an introduction into a Web site (often with a flash animation), it is no longer seen as helpful, and often times might actually annoy visitors." - Read the whole story...

Landing Pages Act As Navigation Links
Free Blog Hosting
Landing pages are major portals for keywords that help both search engines and humans find your content more easily because they can capture a wider selection of long-tail niche searches, a variety of longer search phrases based on and related to your primary targeted keywords.

Seth Godin's strategy turns deep content pages focused on specific niche topics into major portals for keyword searches that can attract both search engines and users. Remember to anchor your links within page headings/subheadings to capture a wider number of searchers from related keywords. Focusing on linking and landing pages will help to track actual results from organic searches. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Thursday, November 6, 2008


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