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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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Did Google Predict The Election?
Find Resolution
Numerous posts suggest SEO results provided insight into predicting the next President of the United States. By analyzing stats from Google Insights for Search, Aaron Goldman shed some light on who would win Tuesday's election. He began by comparing Obama and McCain query volumes. McCain demonstrated a clear lead about 90 days ago, but Obama, now president-elect, began to take the lead during the past 30 days.

Graphs and charts gave a daily breakdown. You could see from the spike when the 30 minute television spots began running across the major US networks. "Is anyone out there still questioning the impact of TV ads on search?" Goldman writes, reminding us that "search query volume has long been used as a barometer of consumer intent." Earlier this morning he updated and analyzed the presidential results. While not a full-proof method of predicting the US presidential election, there's no doubt the Internet, search engines and analytics played a major role in providing insight into the outcome. - Read the whole story...

Head First Into SEO Tagging
SEO Hosting
When optimizing a site for search engines, remember there isn't just one thing you need to do -- but rather, many smaller things that all add up. For example, search engines look for heading tags, which light the path to your Web site. There are six types of tags. Three are commonly applied; the other three are used on occasion. Garry Conn provides examples for each, explaining the types and their purpose, as well as how you can use them to improve your SEO strategy.

A graph on the post describes how he categorizes tags. Conn uses heading tags to define how Web crawlers should perceive sections of his blog. Aside from the tags, don't forget to add a site map in XML on your blog, which can be extremely helpful. - Read the whole story...

Beginners' SEO Checklist
Danny Dover gives you the basics to build your own SEO strategy. While the list provides insight to those less experienced who want to learn more, it's also a handy reminder of tools to have in your box and steps needed to see success.

Start by building and coding a Web site. Then pick your keywords, register a domain name, upload the hosted files to the new account and sign up for Google analytics. Dover provides a long list of to-dos and steps you through the process. Remember to add a link to your site on all your favorite social media and networking sites, so people can find you easier. Test your own theories and record the results, Dover writes. Becoming a better SEOer will help you to outperform the competition. - Read the whole story...

SEOing Your FireFox Status Bar
Search Engine Journal
Ann Smarty provides a list of tools you might want to keep handy and suggests using the FireFox toolbar as an alternative spot to place extensions. She creates several FireFox profiles to sort add-ons based on purposes, and uses the plug-ins to quickly access multiple search engines from one window. The recommended tools include SEOquake, Search Status, SEOBook Rank Checker, Domain Details, HTML Validator and Greesemonkey. - Read the whole story...

Ho, Ho, Ho: SEO Jingle Bell Tips
Have you refreshed your holiday keyword research? It might be too late, according to P.J. Fusco. Well, maybe not, she writes, but you had better start planning now for next year. If you find yourself panicking, there are still a few tactics you can do now to try and improve your search-engine visibility in Google and MSN for this holiday season.

While "the ship has already sailed for Yahoo unless you want to position a landing page for post-holiday bargains and discounts in January," Fusco writes, there are still some ideas you can implement now. For example, consider using old URLs from last year, set up a special holiday XML sitemap that can be readily removed when the holiday goods and the shoppers are gone, refresh your holiday site map, get last-minute links, and watch the metrics. - Read the whole story...

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