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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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SEO Plays Huge Role In Presidential Election
Portent Interactive
Thomas M. Schmitz takes a look at the possible outcome to the 2008 presidential race based on both Senators John McCain's and Barack Obama's search engine rankings. "Obviously this is not scientific and just for fun," he writes, "but there are some search engine optimization lessons to be learned here."

Putting the SEO strategy on the table, Schmitz notes several important points taken from the Web site of each candidate. For example, Obama has unique title tags on every page; McCain has identical title tags throughout much of his Web site. McCain's site has no HTML outlines; Obama's site is a textbook example of using h# tags. Obama has text on his homepage reflected in his keyword chart; McCain's homepage displays images and a handful of text links. - Read the whole story...

Finding, Organizing Perfect SEO Keywords
Search Engine Guide
If you have been following Stoney deGeyter's post on keyword research, selection and organization you might already know the series guides you through four distinct phases of the keyword research process. In part 11 of this 12-part series, he describes how you can organize keywords that can make your campaign "vastly more successful."

Using the analogy of building an engine, deGeyter steps through the process of figuring out the engine type, learning the parts needed to build it, and piecing together the parts to achieve the quickest and most profitable results. While the organization process is not difficult, it requires analysis. So, to get organized, create a spreadsheet of each existing page of your site and list of any topics each page focuses on to help better understand the keywords that fit naturally. He notes that this process and others mentioned in the post create more entry points from search engines into your site. - Read the whole story...

Where Are The SEM Opportunities?
Jason Burby serves up information on a calculator that allows you to forecast a potential return on investment for SEM efforts, providing a bookmark to help you find the calculator page.

The post provides information in three key sections on "Current site behavior," "Potential improvements," and "Estimated impact of site optimization." Each section offers insight on conversion rates, estimating costs and evaluating investments. "Remember, you don't need to be exact on the values or percentage lift, but try to be consistent with your estimates," Burby writes. "This is a tool to determine the estimated impact. You'll find that you sometimes estimate too high and sometimes too low. At least you're drawing a line in the sand and aiming for something." - Read the whole story...

Don't Cut SEM, SEO Budgets
Despite difficult economic times, experts suggest now is not the time to cut back on SEM and SEO, according to Jennifer Schiff. "With online shoppers saying they plan on cutting back on spending this holiday season, now may be the perfect time for you to optimize your site to attract every prospective customer you can--and keep your current customers coming back for more," she writes. "Best of all, optimizing your site, giving it a pre-holiday facelift, needn't be expensive or time consuming. And the return on your investment could (and should) more than offset the cost."

It may mean redesigning your Web site to make it more attractive to search engine crawlers. Schiff provides an example from CoffeeCakes.com founder Sherry Comes, who says sales increased 50% "almost instantly" after making the site more accessible to Google, Yahoo and MSN. And she did it on a limited marketing budget. The site was redesigned, new content went up, and keyword and meta data reviewed, adding new ones as needed. "Just putting up fresh, new content is like catnip to the search engines," she said. - Read the whole story...

Study: Travel Industry Making SEO Priority
Search engine optimization has become a priority among travel companies, which includes hotels, airlines and travel agents, according to a study by travel site Whatsonwhen.com. Sixty-six percent of the 88 travel companies polled by the site said they would increase their SEO budgets. Twenty five percent said they would increase search engine marketing by up to 50%, with two-thirds citing search as their top priority. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Tuesday, November 4, 2008


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