Wednesday, November 26, 2008

OnlineSpin: Turkey Day Thanks!

Last week Cory wrote "Advertisers Will Not Lead Online Video Advertising -- They Follow."

Sean Kegelman wrote in response, "Agree with much of this, Cory. I would add a critical #5, though: the infrastructure.

The marketplace is way too fragmented with proprietary approaches.

VAST is an improvement, but it is just getting started. We will also need an ability to deliver video assets as quickly throughout the web as we do display ads today, especially if we ever want to see customized/dynamic video.

And the cost component is only one part of the content creation problem (but doesn't have to be).

I would argue that the approach to the content creation generally suffers from the far too prevalent uninspired approach of talking at people."

Mike McGrath wrote, "Certainly agree!

It seems that there is a huge cultural divide between Silicon Valley and Madison Avenue.

On one side of the fence the Silicon Valley People think 'Build it and they will come'; on the other side of the fence, we know that advertisers are excited about online video, UGC etc, but it seems that they have absolutely no idea how to make the most of the new mediums.

Publishers must take the advertisers by the hand and understand their concerns."

Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Turkey Day Thanks!
By Cory Treffiletti

Ahhh, Thanksgiving: the time of the year to reflect inwardly upon all the wonderful people, places and experiences of the last 12 months and why we appreciate each and every one of them. It marks the official beginning to the holidays, the official countdown to a new year and the chance to wrap up this year's efforts in anticipation of the future that lies ahead. Why not take this moment on the day before Turkey Day to give thanks for all the fantastic things in my life this past year (and see if you share in my joy)!

First off, I would like to give thanks for my iPhone. That little marvel of engineering has completely up-ended the way I interact with media. RSS feeds make it easier to aggregate together all my reading, and "Bejeweled 2" allows me to waste time in those rare instances when I'm not busy (although it is endlessly frustrating that I can't beat my wife's high score. I can't even come close). I can access documents online and I can check the weather and my stocks (what's left of them). I can even make animal noises (OK -- that last one isn't too valuable, but it's fun in crowded elevators).

I would also like to give thanks for J.J. Abrams. If it wasn't for J.J. I wouldn't have anything to watch on TV! J.J. created "Lost" and "Fringe," and now I can't help but watch repeatedly the new trailer for the "Star Trek" reboot. I am absolutely not a trekkie, I was always more of a "Star Wars" man myself, but this trailer removes the kitsch and replaces it with action. Let the countdown begin!

Another item I can give thanks for is my Dell M1330. This little piece of technology is worlds better than my former Lenovo Thinkpad X60. That thing was possessed by demons and goblins! I'd sit down to write my article for MediaPost and within 10 minutes it would drop the wi-fi connection, freeze up in Outlook and restart Word, inevitably losing half of what I'd already started to write because I forgot to tap the save buttons while working. The Dell is faster, it's sleeker and it's far more reliable. And did I mention it's faster (it's worth saying twice)? I gave up on Dells a few years back, but they've totally redeemed themselves in my eyes. Yay Dell!

Speaking of MediaPost, I'd like to say thanks for them continuing to let me share my opinions and insights with all of you for the last eight years and counting. I started writing for the Spin back in 2000, and I've been delivering an article every week since then. MediaPost is still recognized as a prime place for news and information related to our business, and I'm always happy to be aligned with such a well-organized and effective team -- thanks, gang!

On a fun note, I'm thankful for Hulu and MTV Music. Hulu emerged from what was for me a cynical idea, the marriage of minds from Fox and NBC to create a Web video portal for the masses. I was cynical because I felt I'd heard this song before, but I fully stand corrected! The site is a success and one heck of a user experience. The ease of use is only rivaled by my other recent favorite site, MTV Music. This site rocks! It is only videos! For real! No annoying shows or features, just videos! I have yet to be denied any video, including such as classics as Big Daddy Kane and Winger (who can forget those late nights with "Yo MTV Rap" and "Headbanger's Ball" as a youth)!

Of course I can't give thanks to the past year without acknowledging possibly the brightest part: my loving wife, Gretchen! This year we got married and more recently we discovered we're going to have our very first baby, so for those two life-changing events I give thanks and I couldn't be happier (many years of little sleep and a wide, bright smile lie ahead)! I guess now I'll be getting acquainted with Babycenter and all the other baby- and father- related Web sites. That's good, though -- it gives me something new to do with my time!

Last but not least, I give thanks for Pearl Jam (and the idea they will record some new music in 2009), ice cream (that delicious little bit of goodness), heated seats (it gets cold in the winter) and Vans (I wear them every day). That pretty much covers everything I can think of for now, soooo...

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Enjoy your turkey day!

Cory is president and managing partner for Catalyst SF.

Online Spin for Wednesday, November 26, 2008:

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