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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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Blueprinting Your SEO Goals
Sphinn: Online Marketing for Marketers
Define your SEO goal before you get started: sound advice from Donna Fontenot, aka DazzlinDonna, Internet entrepreneur and search engine optimization guru. Once goals are defined, focus on the details like proper keyword research, and understand the phrases most likely to drive traffic.

Fontenot believes that sites frequently already have a significant amount of content addressing the core topic, but you should still pick apart that content to evaluate with a fresh eye. Many times those fresh eyes can see what the original publishers could not. Don't forget to include technical issues -- ways you will promote and market the site. The final step, of course: "take action" and follow the plan. - Read the whole story...

Integration: Just The Right Amount
Find Resolution
Don't integrate search into your campaign strategy for the sake of integration. That's the sound advice from Aaron Goldman, who looks at six benefits specific to integrating search programs in this post.

Goldman believes if search and display ads are not tracked through one central platform, both channels will take credit for the same conversions. If that happens the campaign fails because it's inaccurate. In some cases, Goldman has seen duplication rates of at least 30%. Another benefit of integration: using the same look and feel helps to reinforce brand positioning. - Read the whole story...

5 Tools For On-Page Analysis
Search Engine Journal
In this post, Ann Smarty looks at five tools she calls vital for "search engine friendliness and Web accessibility" to optimize images. Listing the names of the tools and their functions, she provides a star rating for usefulness and graphics that demonstrates each tool's use.

For example, there's the top-rated Web Developer FireFox Toolbar, which Smart gives five stars because of its variety of imaging analyzing tools. Other capabilities include displaying alt attributes and image dimensions, finding broken images, and outlining images missing alt attributes. - Read the whole story...

UCG Dupes Wreak Havoc On SEO
People who post the same content on a variety of sites (especially ones with listings like jobs or classified ads) create duplicate content issues for you instead of that dream of Web 2.0 SEOs: "free, unique content," according to Rand Fishkin. He believes this can cause search engines to stop listing your pages, and whole "subsections of your domain go unspidered or unindexed" because the search engines have determined that you're a "clearing house for materials they've already seen."

Make users post content on your site in a different order and with more depth and detail.If job listings typically require the company name, industry and job title, then add categories like hiring manager, and basic and advanced job requirements. You may have fewer, but higher-quality, entries that way -- and the spider on the search engine won't think it has already indexed the information. - Read the whole story...

Google Launches Google Earth For IPhone
The Official Google Blog
It just got easier to search for the local Starbucks, the corner Chevron gas station or the nearest ATM machine on the street where you're standing. Google introduced Google Earth for Apple's iPhone and iPod touch earlier this week. A post on the company's blog suggests the tool brings the "power of Google Earth to the palm of your hand, including all of the same global imagery and 3D terrain."

Google Earth lets users browse any of the company's 8 million Panoramio photos and read Wikipedia articles. You also can tilt the iPhone to adjust views for mountainous terrain, use the "Location" feature to find your current location, and search for businesses worldwide with Google Local Search. - Read the whole story...

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