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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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AdCenter Upgrades, Upgrades... And More Upgrades
Microsoft adCenter
Microsoft upgraded adCenter, adding new features and links to help make managing campaigns easier. Several of the changes were requests made by community members. Among the new features: the ability to pause and resume ads and keywords, geographical targeting, and improved reporting performance on pages; faster reviews, dynamic feedback about why ads and keywords were disapproved, and inline notification when dynamic text causes your ads to exceed character limits. You can also now create multiple account users; and, in the U.S., get keyword bid suggestions and performance estimates for your content ads.

Microsoft also added a "New Features" link to the top of each adCenter page. These new sections link to further information about features and how to understand and use them. - Read the whole story...

'This Site May Harm Your Computer...'
Webmaster Central Blog
These words sometimes show up in Google search results, but what do they mean? Google software engineer Oliver Fisher, said the server that the site runs on probably has a hole, a security vulnerability, most likely from some out-of-date software. That vulnerability has been exploited and malicious code has been added to the Web site. It's most likely an invisible script or iframe that pulls content from another Web site that tries to attack any computer that views the page. If the attack succeeds, then viruses, spyware, key loggers, botnets, and other nasty stuff will get installed on your computer.

So, pay attention if you see the warning on a site in Google's search results. Google has automatic scanners that constantly look for these sorts of Web pages. Now that you understand what the label means in search results, find out what to do about it if you're a Webmaster and Google's scanners have found malware on your site. - Read the whole story...

Demystifying PPC Quality Scores
Search Engine Watch
Your PPC campaign has a quality score. Google, Yahoo and Microsoft reward relevant advertisers (and punish irrelevant ones) by instituting the quality scoring system, which simply put says: Advertisers who display relevant ads may achieve higher ad positions at lower costs-per-click than competitors who may be paying higher costs-per-click.

The search engines want users to find exactly what they're looking for, and advertisers to get site visitors whose intent, expressed as a search query, match exactly what's offered by the advertiser's site. That way, satisfied users return to the search engine for dependable search results, and advertisers can depend on a steady stream of clicks resulting in sales, which in turn keeps advertisers spending. Does your campaign suffer from a poor quality score? Find out how to tell and what you can do to improve it. - Read the whole story...

Combine Multiple Links Into One
Addictive Tips
Have you ever sent friends or family a couple of links to various sites like your online photo album that has the latest pictures from your trip to Kauai, a YouTube video, or a news article to save them from searching on their own? It's a pain copying and pasting multiple links in email. It would be nice to convert all of those links into one short link. Shrink2One is a free Web service that allows you to convert multiple URLS into one smaller URL

Add links from the sites you want to share, along with a title, and enter the password, an optional feature if you want to share some secure links. - Read the whole story...

Finding Opportunities In Video Game Ads
Online video games and the advent of the networked game console have brought opportunities in search and in-game advertising. The online games connect families, build friendships and allow consumers to cross borders without a passport. So what's a marketer to do with this information? Identify pockets of the game industry that offer societal benefit and deliver your target audience. Kevin Carney makes a good case for exploring search campaigns and advertising in video games without going into grand details; rather, he provides examples of his real-life experiences with gaming.

Demonstrating possibilities to reach your audience, he writes that "whether or not you're a proponent of games or gameplay, it's now impossible to deny they have eclipsed most media in the competition to 'waste our time."' In the positive sense, he believes that you can't neglect the societal benefits of gaming. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Tuesday, October 28, 2008


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