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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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7 Fun Search Tools You Should Know
Search Engine Land
As the name implies, here you will find a list of seven search tools you may not know, but should. Even if you're a power user, this collection of tools and tips might surprise you. For example, Soovle puts a variety of search sites on a single page and as you type it show phrases each search site recommends. The new image search engine facesaerch (yes, "a" before "e") takes a Google image search, eliminates everything but faces, and gives the results a more modern interface.

Fasteagle rolls a search tool and a web directory into one interface, with a little touch of feed reader built in. The home page gives you quick access to search a dozen different sites, from Google and Delicious, to eBay and FriendFeed. There are many more. It's worth spending some time to check it out. - Read the whole story...

Understanding Keyword Match Types
Search Engine Guide
Google AdWords and MSN adCenter follow the same approach for PPC platforms, using essentially identical match types, but Yahoo Search Marketing is a little different. Diana Adams lists the three match types. Definitions and examples follow, providing examples of how the match types might work with different search phrases.

How you use match types will affect the number of impressions and click-throughs you get. Broad matches receive the greatest number of impressions, because the terms you're bidding on can appear anywhere in the searched phrase, yet broad matches will have the lowest click through rate because your ad may not be relevant. - Read the whole story...

Link-Building Basics
Search Engine People
A section on the most important pitfalls to avoid when making directory submissions, both paid and free, wraps up a three-part series by Paul Teitelman on link-building. In a nutshell, avoid submitting sites one by one. By negotiating per submissions, assuming you have more than 20 sites to submit, you can gain "awesome" discounts and savings for each.

Don't use the same anchor text every time. Include the keywords within the company name or brand. It's an easy way to get favorable anchor text approved. You won't get the most ideal anchor text, but it will turn out better than the administrator using your company title or brand by itself. The third pitfall revolves around the number of submissions: don't go crazy with them. Be careful to watch the velocity of your link building, since it's tempting to pay an outsourced worker a few bucks to submit to a couple hundred directories. Teitelman tells you why you shouldn't. - Read the whole story...

Allocating Online Budgets
Microsoft adCenter
This 12-step guide can set you off in the right direction if you are looking for ways to optimize your online budget. Making a play on words, Mel Carson suggests the elements you want to consider include retention, intention, attention detention, coordination, collaborate, differentiate, speculate, analyze, plagiarize (not literary), optimize, and economize.

Carson recently spoke about how to navigate the credit crunch through online marketing at the NMA Live conference. While at the conference, he developed the idea for this guide based on a presentation by Tim Davis of Billetts, a marketing analytics company based in London. The actionable items in this post will give you some insight on weathering difficult economic times. - Read the whole story...

BT Marketing 101
What can the behavioral targeting industry do to better establish trust and improve SEO? Vicky Chen explores some fundamental ways to interpret trust and its implications for behavioral targeting. For starters, she writes, there are three key dimensions of trustworthy behavior: ability, integrity, and benevolence.

With the three definitions of trustworthy behavior in mind, she provides a list of to-dos for the behavioral targeting industry that could establish trust with consumers. The list includes demonstrating behavioral targeting's ability to improve user experience, establishing consistency and predictability with consumers, and communicating openly and accurately, among others. In other words, be completely transparent about intentions and motives for targeting. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Wednesday, October 22, 2008


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