Tuesday, September 23, 2008

OnlineSpin: My Reading List

Last week Joe wrote "The State Of Online Media And Marketing."

Chuan Jer Lim wrote in response, " I thought this question is very interesting: 'Do you see a need to supplement high quality editorial content with other content from across the Web?'

With the recent emphasis on UGC, I did wonder if that means a digital publisher does not necessarily need to have an editorial team, if the digital publisher is able to get the community to generate content.

UGC, if managed properly, can be as unique and relevant as what's generated by an editorial team. Or possibly better."

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
My Reading List
By Joe Marchese

You can't keep up with everything that is going on in social media, but you can try. I have my regular sources and favorite books, some of which I mention below. My list is by no means exhaustive, and is meant to be interactive -- so please add your suggestions in the comments.

The blogs: http://www.thelongtail.com, www.mashable.com, www.techcrunch.com, http://publishing2.com/, www.paidcontent.org, http://news.cnet.com/the-social/, www.avc.com (Fred Wilson), http://adweek.blogs.com/, http://web-strategist.com/blog/

The staples: Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Businessweek, Wired.

The trade pubs: MediaPost (of course), Ad Age, iMedia, Adweek.

Because social media marketing can learn so much from search: www.Battellemedia.com

For what the kids are up to: www.Ypulse.com

Best clipping service: www.iwantmedia.com

And a couple of books for good measure: "Greater Good: How Good Marketing Makes For Better Democracy," for what marketing can and should be. "Competing on the Edge: Strategy as Structured Chaos" -- more general strategy for business, but the best strategy book since Porter, and has tons of implications for today's marketer. " Sway: The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior" -- nothing like taking a little time to understand people's motivations.

And, of course, my Twitter feed. A lot of smart people "micro-blogging" their every thought.

This is just a sampling, and like any good consumer of media 2.0, I will follow the links to the stories that keep me informed. What are you favorites?

Joe Marchese is President of socialvibe.

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