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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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Inviting The Crawlers To Dig Deeper On Your Site
Search Engine Journal
If you're struggling to get the deeper content on your site indexed, Ann Smarty has some tips for enticing the engines' crawlers to dig in and spend more time. First, make sure you have an accurate count of the number of indexed pages. Go beyond the standard "site" parameter and check for the number of pages indexed in each directory and sub-directory. Also, check to see what the most recently indexed pages are.

Armed with this info, you can try to identify any patterns in the pages that weren't indexed. For example, are there any internal pages that have inadequate link juice? Member profile pages that don't really need to be indexed? Perhaps there are duplicate content issues between the product description pages and the shopping cart. If it's a lack of link juice, Smarty suggests finding quality deep-linking directories to bulk up the deep links to your subdirectory pages.

Lastly, you want to make sure that you're not forcing the crawlers to spend too much time on bulky content. "Googlebot works on a budget," Smarty says. "If you keep it busy crawling huge files, or waiting for your page to load, or following duplicate content URLs, you might be missing the chance to show it your other pages." - Read the whole story...

Automatically Launch 301 Redirects With New WordPress Plugin
Search Engine People
Blog posts tied to breaking news often suffer from a limited shelf-life--but they can help garner lots of juice-passing links that can help propel your blog (or the encompassing site) to the top of the organic listings. And there's a new plugin for WordPress bloggers that lets you automatically create 301 redirects so that you can pass the juice on from those highly-trafficked posts.

Search Engine People developed the free plugin, which is available at http://www.searchenginepeople.com/tools/wp-301redirect.zip. It allows you to redirect any blot post or page to any other post or page--whether its internal or external--simply by entering the new URL. And you can even choose a specific time and date to have the redirect occur.

- Read the whole story...

Integrating Search With Other Channels
Cross-channel integration, synergy and synchronization may seem like the buzz words du jour, but Teal explains that there are ways to ensure that your company's on- and offline marketing efforts (including search) work together, that go beyond the hype.

For example, if your company (or client) is opening up a new store location, combining local offline ads with local search is a great way to gain visibility in the new neighborhood. And if your company snags a lot of print press--draft it by calling attention to the buzz on your Web site. "Integrate podcasts so potential leads can easily download the media for the commute home," Teal says.

And prior to launching a new product, get the traditional and digital marketing teams together so that the product packaging, TV, print, radio and Web copy reinforce the same message. "There are infinite opportunities to bridge your company's message across traditional and online media forms, where potential customers are exposed to a consistent voice, a consistent message, and a consistent brand," Teal says. - Read the whole story...

Is Google Trespassing With Street View?
Ars Technica
Google Street View may be a fun and even useful tool in many instances, but the up-close and personal detail that it offers of places (and sometimes people) has garnered scrutiny from privacy advocates around the globe. And as David Chartier notes, it doesn't help that Google seemingly violates trespassing laws to get some of the images.

In April, a Pittsburgh couple sued the giant for posting images of their home on Street View, because the camera-carrying truck had to drive down a private access road to snap them. Meanwhile, community groups in California's Sonoma and Humboldt Counties are up in arms because the Street View team uploaded images of a number of residences that were only accessible through private roads--meaning Google was essentially trespassing to get them. - Read the whole story...

Mobile Search, Ads Provider Raises $26 Million To Take On Google
Erick Schonfeld positions mobile search and ads provider JumpTap as a direct competitor to Google in the race to own the mobile search landscape. The company just completed a $26 million Series D round, led by Alliance Bernstein (and supplemented by companies like WPP, among others).

Of course, the JumpTap team believes that they have an edge over the search giant when it comes to mobile. According to CEO Dan Olschwang, the company's search algorithm is geared toward ranking actionable results higher than others--i.e. delivering the location of the nearest drugstore when a user enters "Tylenol," as opposed to the latest press release--as well as making sure that the results are tailored to the searcher's particular handset.

"Jumptap [is] going to need all the gunpowder it can get," Schonfeld says. "Mobile search is the next big frontier in search as more and more Web-capable phones hit the market. Going up against Google, even in a nascent market, is a tough proposition." But he argues that JumpTap has one more ace in its hole, as service carriers would likely be more apt to partner with the startup than with Google. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Tuesday, August 26, 2008


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