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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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Yahoo: Prepping For A Search Revival
Noah Mallin poses the question of whether Yahoo has been the victim of schadenfraude from the entire marketing industry--that is, we're all taking pleasure in the Web giant's bad fortune. While the company has admittedly faced major challenges in recent months, Mallin outlines areas in which Yahoo is charging forward--particularly with search.

"A close look suggests that Yahoo hasn't given up on search and in fact may have the pieces in place for, if not a comeback, at least a stabilization of their fortunes," he says. "The first bit of evidence is the re-jiggering of their search algorithms this week. There's also been an upgrade rolled out to Yahoo Maps in the last week or so for better usability and functionality."

Mallin also highlights Yahoo's advancements with Search Monkey, allowing third-party developers to impact the users' search experience, as well as the BOSS (Build Your Own Search Service), which lets businesses use parts of Yahoo's search algorithm to develop their own engines. "The reality is that an open source search architecture is a powerful way for Yahoo to spread elements of its infrastructure through the net," he says.

The bottom line is that life and innovation at Yahoo continue despite the revolving door, the media scrutiny and the shareholder troubles. "The important thing is that these changes have potential," he says. - Read the whole story...

Crafting The Perfect Search Campaign
DM News
The perfect search campaign is developed through the usage and monitoring of six benchmarks, according to Howard Sewell. The benchmarks are as follows: Tt needs to generate a cost per acquisition (CPA) that's competitive with other ad channels; generate predictable CPA results at projected spend levels; and be expansive enough to cover every keyword, phrase and variation.

Sewell also says that the campaign needs to deliver relevant ad copy and a strong landing page for every keyword; make optimal use of budgeting and ad copy testing, as well as geotargeting and day-parting; and lastly, be tracked through a back-end system that measures ROI on a per keyword basis. Whew! That's a tall order. And while Howell acknowledges that there's likely no one out there with such an ideal PPC program, he does say that it's a standard search marketers should aspire to if they want optimal results. - Read the whole story...

Avoid Cannibalization When Running Multiple PPC Campaigns
Avoiding keyword and bid cannibalization can become a frustrating problem for marketers running multiple paid search campaigns for varying products or company divisions. "You don't want to compete against yourself for key terms or benefit one campaign at the expense of another," says the MarketingSherpa team.

Using insight from Travel Michigan, a state travel agency that manages search campaigns for thousands of its partners in the private sector, MarketingSherpa offers five tips for avoiding campaign cannibalization. The tips range from creating mutually beneficial PPC campaigns--where complementary companies paid for a single campaign--to developing SEO initiative around keywords that were too expensive for PPC, and even coordinating the use of offline media.

The MarketingSherpa team digs into the tips, providing a comprehensive look at the complexities of running multiple campaigns targeted to a general audience. - Read the whole story...

Google Beefs Up Enterprise Search
Apparently there are no summer doldrums for the search engines--as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have released a slew of new product launches and upgrades over the past few weeks. The latest is an upgrade to Google Search Appliance, an enterprise-side search tool.

Google has pumped Search Appliance with new customization features, including the ability to weight results, based on meta data like a document author's name or document type, and the ability to show different results to different departments.

But according to Anthony Ha, the most newsworthy enhancement is the boost to the amount of data Google Search Appliance can now hold. One device can index 10 million documents, up from 3 million when the product was first launched. "Lead Product Manager Nitin Mangtani says most enterprise search solutions would require 10, 15 or even 20 servers to store that much data," Ha said. - Read the whole story...

SheerSEO: A Rank Tracking Tool Review
Search Newz
Navneet Kaushal sheds some light on SheerSEO, an online rank checking tool that his company has been testing since May. Kaushal says SheerSEO's interface is easy to use and yet still packs a number of data-rich features.

The free tool analyzes a given Web site, and then suggests the keywords and pages that should be monitored. "Unlike other online tracking tools that are marred by their ability to track limited keywords, SheerSEO can track almost unlimited keywords," Kaushal says. Then it keeps tabs on the ranking of said pages, sending emails when placements shift, and analyzes stats like keyword density and number of pages indexed.

But there are two major caveats: the tool doesn't track rankings from Live Search, and users cannot track multiple Web sites with a single ID. "On the scale of 5, we rate this online tracking tool as 3.5 due to its non-compatibility with Still, this is a really excellent tool and it is our recommendation that all Webmasters should definitely try it out." - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Friday, August 8, 2008


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