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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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Compelling Reasons To Attend SMX Local & Mobile
Natural Search and Mobile SEO
Bryson Meunier has postponed his honeymoon so that he can attend (and speak at) SMX Local & Mobile. Talk about a compelling conference!

His logic stems from the fact that mobile SEO is still an aspect of the practice that "most SEOs at best don't quite understand, and at worst, ignore." And given the explosion of mobile Web usage (driven by the iPhone in particular), Meunier says "it's going to be difficult to ignore for much longer and still do your job as an SEO."

Meunier also notes that since mobile will be the focus of the entire conference, attendees will leave sessions with "a collections of tactics and strategies for improving visibility in mobile search engines," as opposed to sales pitches and claims that "mobile is too new" to warrant attention. - Read the whole story...

SEO Elements Of A Blog Post
Search Engine Optimization Journal
Nick Stamoulis explains why blogging is an ideal way to generate high volumes of keyword-rich content, and outlines the blog elements that need to be tweaked for maximum SEO value.

"A short carefully worded post every day is going to generate over 300 pages per year - that's allowing for the occasional day off," he says. "Unlike normal web pages, blog posts are easier to create and do not require extensive knowledge of HTML to create a search engine friendly page. However, each post still needs to include several SEO elements to help it rank."

Those elements are the title, content, URL, tags and page description. Stamoulis explains why it's important to include target keywords in each section, whether for outright spidering benefits, or for added searchability when it comes to social media tools like Technorati. - Read the whole story...

Yahoo's Ad Profiling Platform
YSM Blog
The YSM team has rolled out Ad Profiling, or a program designed to help advertisers improve campaign performance. "With Ad Profiling, we analyze high-impression keywords within an account that are performing poorly, relative to the marketplace," the Ad Quality team writes. "We then evaluate whether or not there are steps we can take to help improve their performance and the performance of the ad groups to which they belong."

Some of the steps include tweaking an ad's alt text (replacing a broad term like "burning" with "DVD burning" to improve relevance, for example), revamping an entire ad's copy, and dropping a keyword from an ad group all together. It's important to note that account holders can preview and veto (or allow) these changes before they take place on active campaigns. And Ad Profiling never changes bid prices. - Read the whole story...

Why You Can't Separate Search and Social Media
Conversation Marketing
"I used to tell clients 'Hey, we'll do SEO, and if you pay us extra we'll execute a nice social media marketing campaign, too,"' Ian Lurie says. "Truth is, though, you can't do a good job in SEO any more without social media marketing. And you sure as heck won't succeed in social media marketing if you ignore SEO."

Lurie explains that since building up a site's relevance and authority are the mainstays of SEO, the links that come from social sites like Digg and StumbleUpon are invaluable. On the other hand, "your success in social media will eventually depend on search rankings in a blog search tool and the general search results," he says. - Read the whole story...

Geotargeted Link Sources
More Visibility
Cultivating an influx of links from local businesses and organizations is a highly effective way to build local relevance for a Web site. "This establishes keyword relevance for your site, for the name of your region and, if these sites are hosted in your area as well, establishes that your website is well-linked physically to that region," says Marjory Meechan. She serves up some examples of how to grow these geotargeted links.

One way is to run searches for "your location" and "business" across the three big engines (as well as niche engines in your vertical). For example, a search for "Culver City" and "business" might yield 5 results on the first page alone that link back to businesses you can cultivate links from. Meechan also suggests searching for geotargeted directories to submit your site to. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Thursday, July 24, 2008


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