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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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Using Search To Reach Gamers
Find Resolution
If you're trying to reach the gamer set, Eric Anderson suggests launching a search marketing campaign before you look to in-game ads. What's the rationale? It's simple, really. Gamers are engaged in their game, and don't have time or impetus to respond to ads. Searchers, on the other hand are on the hunt for game-related info like cheats, demos, release dates and store locations.

While Anderson acknowledges that in-game ads can be useful for branding, he argues that there's still a significant amount of clutter to cut through. "The gamer audience is growing," he says. "However, the best way to reach this audience and prompt them to action isn't by messaging in-game. The irony is that the best way to reach the gaming audience online is through search." - Read the whole story...

Search Marketing Challenge: Pampers Vs. Huggies
SEM Geek
Greg Meyers is an SEO who's been on diaper duty since the recent birth of his son, so naturally, the decision of which diaper brand to choose (Huggies or Pampers) sparked his curiosity about each brand's search marketing strategy.

In terms of Web site usability, Pampers won hands down. "Pampers wins for their 'quick and easy' homepage navigational structure which targets a typical parent who is most likely interested in their products and identifying with the age of the baby (Prenatal, Newborn, Baby, Toddler, Preschooler)," Meyers says. "On the other hand, Huggies' homepage starts with Playing Games, Watching Videos and claiming they are the best." And as a result, actual product info was not easily found.

The two diaper brands both failed in terms of on-page SEO. Both had poor URLs and page-naming conventions that were based on individual browsing sessions, though Pampers had a slight advantage in terms of title tags.

Lastly, Huggies made the grade for paid search, simply because it was the only brand actually spending money. Still, Meyers says that the P&G brand's efforts are a bit misguided. "Huggies ...appears to be investing $$$ into PPC to try and acclaim themselves as the best diaper on the market," he says. "But they fall short in my PPC eyes because they appear to not have a thorough and tested PPC strategy which is resulting in missed opportunities to capture a majority of the Disposable Diaper Market." - Read the whole story...

Tune Up Your Holiday Search Efforts Now For Best Results
P.J. Fusco offers some tips for tuning up your holiday campaigns and landing pages now (you've never heard of Christmas in July?) for better performance come December.

Most e-tailers develop holiday-themed landing pages with a plethora of product info and targeted calls-to-action. And since the engines have to cope with indexing hundreds of thousands of new pages of content, attaining top rankings becomes more difficult.

So instead of negating all the SEO efforts that go into those pages by killing them, see if you can maintain the links--or at least redirect users to other sections of the site when the holidays end.

Then, when Christmas rolls around again, you can bring them out of hibernation. "Refreshing the content and prominently linking to it throughout your site's navigation will bring the pages back to life with little or no loss of inbound links--year after year." - Read the whole story...

The Big List Of (Free) SEO Tools
Search Engine Journal
If you've searched for a comprehensive list of the glut of free SEO tools available, Ann Smarty's got you covered. Smarty serves up brief descriptions, screenshots and links to tools for everything from link checking, to keyword research and on-page analytics.

For example, in keyword research there's Urban Dictionary, the MSN clustering tool, and Webaroo's Search Radar, among others. With on-page analytics (things like page load times, keyword density, etc.) you can try using the Web Page Analyzer from Smarty also lists social media tools like TweetVolume and Facebook Lexicon. - Read the whole story...

Converting Browsers As Opposed To Searchers
Hamlet Batista
So you're an expert at increasing conversions from your search campaigns, right? What happens when your client wants to offer you more business, but needs conversions from channels like social media, display and content networks? Hamlet Batista offers some tips for driving non-search conversions.

Study the source of your traffic carefully. "For example, people visiting technical forums like free scripts or technical documents," he says. "People visiting 'make money online' sites like free reports/e-books on how to make money." Then, tailor your offer directly to them.

Batista also says that the kinds of ads you craft will tend to differ. "Search ads are generally more passive, but when you are browsing you are not even looking for ads so they must call attention to themselves more aggressively," he says. - Read the whole story...

Google Makes Mobile Reviews Easy
Local Mobile Search

AdWords Maintenance This Weekend
Inside AdWords

Search Insider - Around the Net for Thursday, July 17, 2008


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