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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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Why The Enhanced AdWords Tool Still Isn't Good For SEO
In response to a chorus of articles touting the benefits of Google's newly enhanced Keyword Tool, Michael VanDeMar argues that even with search volume data, the tool is "useless" for SEO purposes. According to VanDeMar's experience, the data is geared toward marketers that are trying to research PPC traffic, and it doesn't actively reflect a keyword's organic search potential.

VanDeMar tested his theory using a poetry Web site, tracking 5 keywords in terms of actual search volume versus the AdWords Keyword Tool's estimated volume. In some cases, the two totals matched up, but as VanDeMar points out, he'd had to run AdWords ads to garner the estimated volume.

"This is fine and dandy if I am only concerned about getting traffic from AdWords, of course," he says. "The thing is, if I rely on this data for my SEO efforts I will at best be most likely wasting my time." VanDeMar also highlights the fact that Google counts multiple sources of traffic in its calculation of search volume (including parked domains) that have no SEO benefits. - Read the whole story...

Add Article Marketing To Your SEO Roster
Ask Kalena
Kalena Jordan dives into the basics of article marketing, explaining why it should be added to a good SEOs bag of tricks. After a Web site has been optimized and the initial link-building campaign has run its course, article marketing can help keep fresh inbound links flowing, and pump up SERP rankings.

So hire a freelance writer, or corral someone in-house to start crafting well-written, keyword-rich pieces. And instead of rolling out self-promotional pieces, brainstorm ways to draw readers in (either offering them advice, tips or anecdotes) and make the connection to your product or service themselves.

Then, take the time to promote the articles effectively. "Compiling a distribution list of niche article directories is time well spent on your campaign," Jordan says. "Depending on whether you intend to distribute your article to dozens or hundreds of article directories, you may wish to consider using article submission software." - Read the whole story...

The Ins And Outs Of Enterprise Search
Margie Semilof interviews Guy Creese, a content management expert with Burton Group about the evolution of enterprise search, and the rationale behind Microsoft's acquisition of Norway-based FAST.

Creese explains that IT managers are often responsible for ensuring that a site's search function is effective, as well as assisting with SEO efforts. "IT managers have to do both well," he says. "It's common for companies to concentrate on only one of the two. They spend a lot on search marketing, which brings people to the site, but because the site search is so poor it then drives people away. They may tune the site search well, but no one will use it because they don't come to your site."

Meanwhile, Creese says Microsoft gobbled up Fast Search and Transfer because the enterprise search firm's technology was perfect for companies that need a "high end" site and document search solution. "There is a lot under the covers with Fast [technology]," he says. "Microsoft got a revamped search engine. Not that the one it had was deficient, but the CTO really went back to basics and rebuilt the thing." - Read the whole story...

Join The AdCenter Desktop Beta
Marketing Pilgrim
Microsoft has rolled out a beta version of its adCenter Desktop, an offline campaign management suite, and is inviting search marketers to apply. "The positives of software like this are numerous," says David Snyder. "The most obvious is that it allows you to make wholesale edits and revisions without worrying about the real time implications on your account."

Snyder notes that the adCenter Desktop is just one more example of how intently Microsoft seems to be focusing growing its paid search market share--albeit in a misguided fashion. "Traffic is based on users, and until the organic results of Live become usable to searchers, adCenter will suffer no matter the initiatives of the company," he says. - Read the whole story...

Get Paid To Search Socially With Scour
Pandia Search News
Scour is a new social search engine that crawls Yahoo, Live Search and Google, and then ranks the results according to the "wisdom of the crowd." Registered users improve the results by clicking a thumbs-up or thumbs-down icon next to a specific listing, or adding comments, and the engine's algorithm updates accordingly.

Scour gives users points for searching, voting and commenting on results, as well as inviting friends. The points can then be recouped for Visa gift cards. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Wednesday, July 16, 2008


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