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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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Error-Free Blog Copywriting Tips
Practical eCommerce
Paul Chaney serves up some blog copywriting tips that focus on crafting clean, error-free articles. And the first tip is one that applies to all sorts of published writing, whether it's a blog post, a guest article, Web site copy, or even a feature for a print publication--don't edit yourself. "The only problem is how many of us are in a position to have another person, preferably an editor, proof our copy?" Chaney asks.

In lieu of an editor or proofreader, make liberal use of your spellchecker. If possible, print your copy before you review it (sometimes glaring errors show up that would have been easily missed on-screen), or at least use your blog CMS' preview pane. Also try reading the copy aloud. "It's another way for your brain to wrap itself around the text and ensure it has a logical, readable flow," Chaney says.

And allow some time between the writing and actual posting of the article, preferably 24 hours. "Again, it's not always feasible, but when you can, let a period of time pass between writing and publishing," he says. "Then, just prior to publishing, proofread the post again. You'll be amazed at how much difference 24 hours can make in your ability to catch mistakes." - Read the whole story...

Search Engine Reps Aren't Really Your Friends
The ClickEquations Blog
Google may throw an awesome hoedown at SES, and you may have a great relationship (and sometimes even great cocktails) with your Yahoo rep--but Craig Danuloff wants to remind you that your contacts at the search engines are not your friends.

"It's hard to not think of them as friends, corporately or personally," he says. "But from a business perspective, they're vendors who want your money. Powerful vendors who work with levels of secrecy you'd accept from none of your other vendors."

With a post aimed at keeping search marketers on their toes, Danuloff digs into the successful (and sneaky) ways that the engines issue propaganda. 3and examines the faux pas that the industry allows them to perpetuate. "Their motives aren't questioned nearly enough," he says. "There is not nearly enough push back to the increasingly aggressive and advertiser unfriendly changes they're making month after month." - Read the whole story...

Play 20 Questions Before Hiring An SEO Firm
SEO World
Jon Rognerud suggests asking at least 20 questions before handing your $10 million or even $10,000 business over to a search firm or consultant. The queries are aimed at helping you determine whether the firm's knowledge base, cost efficiency and ability to deliver results are worthy of your account.

"And as the search engines are continuously updating their own methods of providing accurate search results, it's even more important to find a search marketing agency that's up-to-date on the latest strategies," Rognerud says.

The questions range from fundamentals like "Do you guarantee top search engine rankings?" to "Would you make recommendations on my site's copy/content?" and even "How can I ensure that you will operate ethically?" Rognerud includes a link to his seven-page "Official SEO Hiring Guide," available at the OPEN Forum, which includes the rationale behind each question and the potential "right" answers. - Read the whole story...

Google Shutters PPC Support Offices In Texas, Colorado
Bill Hartzer
Google is closing its offices in Dallas and Denver. The two locations were AdWords sales support hubs, according to Bill Hartzer. And the Dallas closure in particular has members of the Dallas/Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association (DFWSEM) up in arms.

The trade organization released an official statement questioning Google's decision to close down. "With all of the brand power, brain power and money that is controlled in Dallas, it is absolutely a mystery to me why Google would choose to close this office," said Tony Wright, vice president and spokesperson for DFWSEM. "I just don't think the guys in Mountain View have ever been to Dallas and don't know what they are missing."

DFWSEM also invited office staff who will be forced to either relocate or find a new, non-Google job in Texas to network at the group's quarterly meeting tomorrow. - Read the whole story...

Outside.In Debuts Personalization Tools
Kelsey Group Blogs
Outside.In, the company focused on hyper-local news and community Web sites, has rolled out a number of personalization tools. For example, there's Radar, which pulls in Twitter alerts from local sources and allows you to "tag" local spots to stay updated when they post new content.

Meanwhile, there's My Feed, which locates the places and neighborhoods mentioned in various blog posts and adds them to the Outside.in database. - Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Tuesday, July 15, 2008


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