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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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BrightLine Blends Search, TV For New Axe Campaign
DM News
BrightLine iTV Marketing Specialists has crafted a campaign for Unilever's Axe that incorporates keyword search into TV spots. The ads are aimed at promoting Axe's new Proximity line of personal care products, and will run on interactive TV networks (like Verizon FiOS and Time Warner's Movie Trailers-On Demand).

On Verizon, viewers will be able to bookmark their favorite Proximity ads (among other content), and then search through it using specific keywords.

"Consumers are able to search keywords like 'comedy' or 'digital shorts' and the Proximity shorts will be at the top of the list," said Robert Aksman, creative director from BrightLine iTV. "Search marketing has been huge online and this is the first time it's being used on TV." - Read the whole story...

Building A Credible Landing Page
Future Now
Establishing credibility is key to getting a searcher to convert after visiting a landing page. And Jeff Sexton says that there are five copy components that are necessary for crafting a credible landing page--scent, transparency, specificity, proof and readability.

Scent means making sure that the keywords users began searching for are featured prominently on the landing page, as well as images or videos of said product or service. Transparency is about telling it like it is. For example, if a company can offer coats and scarves at deep discounts, but only because there are limited sizes available, then that caveat should be clearly listed. "The copy very quickly tells the reader WHY the company is able to offer them such a good deal," Sexton says.

Using detailed, specific copy serves to distinguish a product or service from the competition, as well as help ignite the emotional segment of the searcher's brain. Meanwhile, proof of a product's reliability or competitive advantage can come in many forms, including customer testimonials or demos--so try to include some on the page. And lastly, if the copy isn't readable, (i.e. if there are dense blocks of text and lots of industry jargon) then it's not credible at all. - Read the whole story...

Still More Reasons To Love Google's Enhanced Keyword Tool
All Things SEM
Marios Alexandrou makes the case for why the addition of search trend data makes Google's Keyword Tool much more valuable. For example, with actual search volume data, marketers don't have to worry about the inaccuracies of some of the more popular, ISP-based keyword research tools.

The enhanced Keyword Tool also makes it easier for PPC and SEO teams to work together to snag rankings and traffic for expensive, competitive or otherwise problematic (but valuable) keywords. "This kind of collaboration just became easier since search volume and CPC data are now shown side-by-side in the AdWords Keyword tool," Alexandrou says. "This means that both teams will be looking at the same data during their keyword research and can easily keep their eyes open for opportunities for the other team."

SEO teams can also tinker with title and description tags without facing a drastic drop in rankings, as they can use the Keyword Tool to assess the search volume of the terms they're considering. - Read the whole story...

Two Search Tips For B-to-B Marketers
B-to-B marketers face the same--and sometimes even greater--challenges that B-to-C marketers face in the midst of a sluggish economy. So Tom Pick has posted a recap of a recent MarketingSherpa Webinar aimed at helping B-to-B companies draw in more qualified leads while spending less at the same time.

With search, there are cost-saving tactics for both SEO and SEM. With SEO, B-to-B marketers should reevaluate their target keywords and Web site copy to better address their target audience's needs. "If your website is still optimized for the same keywords as 18 months ago (or longer), now is a good time to re-validate your key search phrases," Pick says.

Meanwhile, for PPC ads, take the time to ensure that you have separate search and content network campaigns. "On the content network, people are doing other things, such as reading articles, so ad copy has to be punchier and more action-oriented to get someone to click away from the page they are reading," Pick says. Also, mine your content network traffic data to find sites that are strong traffic drivers, as they may be great targets for PR, blogger outreach or direct ad buys. - Read the whole story...

Search Basics For Beginners
Search Engine Guide
Jennifer Laycock's SEM Bootcamp articles are for search newcomers in need of straightforward info that cuts through the clutter surrounding new tools and advanced techniques on other blogs and discussion boards.

This post focuses on the five tenets of organic search--building an indexable site, understanding how to choose keywords, content development, on-page optimization and basic link building.

- Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Monday, July 14, 2008


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