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Section 2: Around the Net in Search Marketing

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Flash-Friendly SEO?
Not Quite JohnOn.com
John Andrews suspects that many SEOs were bombarded with emails and calls from Flash-obsessed clients in the wake of Adobe and Google's announcement that they were working together to help make Flash files more crawlable. Or perhaps there were some search consultants who made the calls themselves--telling clients that they could go ahead with their previously vetoed plans for building a Flash-heavy Web.

"I can already hear the gears of misinformation turning as designers and even so-called SEOs prepare to tell clients 'Flash is okay now, Google indexes it,'" Andrews says. "Truth is Google is trying to understand it, which is more important than indexing. This brings a new frontier to SEO for Flash; a frontier of research that has very little to do with indexing of the content within existing Flash files or the content in Flash files built the traditional way."     - Read the whole story...

An SES San Jose Breakdown
Search Engine Watch
If you're headed to SES San Jose next month, Greg Jarboe advises you to have a game plan ready. After all, there are a total of 77 sessions, including panels, workshops and keynotes in the four-day conference, not to mention the fifth day of SEM training sessions. Using a hypothetical team of an SES newbie, an SEO specialist, a PPC specialist and an SEM vet, Jarboe outlines a plan for maximizing your conference time.

For example, on the first day, you could have the SEO specialist attend the Universal & Blended Search panel, while the veteran would head to the Mobile SEO: Death of the .mobi session. Meanwhile, your PPC specialist could hit the Everything But Google: Alternative Search Advertising panel, while the SES newbie would attend the Video Search Optimization (VSEO) session. The whole team could then reconvene at the evening's opening keynote reception by Lee Siegel.

Jarboe offers a breakdown for each day of the conference, including social events like the Google Dance, as well as the fifth day's workshops. - Read the whole story...

It's Only The First Link That Counts
SEO Scientist
If you have a Web page with multiple links to another page on it, chances are, Google is only going to pay attention to the very first link it crawls. You can change the anchor tags, nofollow the first link, or otherwise try to get the "juice" to flow differently, but according to a field test by Branko Rihtman, the first link to a new domain is the only one that really counts.

Rihtman's test actually piggybacks on a theory Rand Fishkin posed in an SEOmoz post back in March, but offers some concrete evidence that the first link on each page carries all the weight. He tested one start page with two links to the same destination page, and found that Google only indexed the first link. Even with a nofollow tag, the giant's spider still picked up the initial link and ignored the second. - Read the whole story...

Whither The SEO Consultant?
SEO Book
Aaron Wall argues that search pros that spend all their time providing client-side SEO services are a dying breed, because pure-play SEO consultancy requires too much effort for too little reward. "The best consultants could usually make more promoting their own sites and brands than they would working for clients," Wall says.

One of the most common obstacles an SEO consultant comes up against is a prospective client with a poorly established brand. "Most prospective SEO customers are not ranked well because their businesses are unremarkable and have little to no competitive advantage," Wall says. "In many cases it would be cheaper, easier, and more profitable building from scratch with a strong brand and domain name that was built around succeeding on the Web."

Unfortunately, said clients would rather hire someone who will plod on, optimizing their Web site, developing content and trying to snag rankings--and all on the cheap. So when Wall does sign on for an SEO-specific gig, the project either has educational potential, or pertains to a client/vertical that he's really interested in. - Read the whole story...

Find Your Dream Ride At iSeeCars
Alt Search Engines
ISeeCars is the latest vertical search engine for car shoppers, with the unique angle that it actually ranks all the listings to help searchers make better decisions. The engine pulls data from multiple newspaper and dealer sites, as well as car classifieds.

The ranking algorithm analyzes each listing in terms of market price comparison and the details (like the car's condition, history, mileage, warranty, etc.) to come up with a "See-First" ranking. - Read the whole story...

Holiday Weekend Search Movers And Shakers
The Ask.com Blog
- Read the whole story...

Search Insider - Around the Net for Tuesday, July 8, 2008


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